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Dragon Awaken



Game Description

Dragon Awaken is a strategic dungeon dive set in a fantasy world! In this dangerous fantasy reality, you are warrior destined to do great things. Following the orders of your commander, you attack a dragon lair with your comrades but something goes wrong. You end up possessing the power of the dragon and becoming one of the legendary dragon knights! Now, you will have to find the meaning of your newfound powers. But it won't be easy. Like in all mmogames you'll have to start small and grind your way up to the top of the food chain. Life in the dragon age is hard can you take it? 


Dragon Awaken is built around character growth and dungeon exploration. Find the best strategy to upgrade your character and participate in lots of different dungeons: escape from the enemies, defeat the army, hunt your target. This is a semi-turn-based game with multi-tier dynamic scenes. It has PVP, SIM, and SLG features. The game features several fantasy features like Knights, Dragons, monster sieging, Lordships, etc. and tries to recreate a high fantasy environment. Many warriors slew dragons to prove themselves, but the real hero would find a way to get along with them and make an everlasting peace instead of a never-ending war. The prophecy predicted that the one on the back of the dragon will save them from the evil. Will you be the warrior destined to save the world?

Dragon Awaken Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateJun 20, 2019
DeveloperGame Hollywood

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over 2 years ago

I can't do ANYTHING! ANd i have GREAT wifi right now but its glitching my whole DEVICE! Its annoying and I don't like it!!!!!!!!!


over 3 years ago

i love this games


almost 4 years ago


king Birch

almost 5 years ago