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ZZZ Snake



Game Description

ZZZ Snake is a cute action game that you can play on your computer or mobile device! Play as a cute and silly snake that wiggles back and forth either up or down the screen. Depending on what’s easier for you, select either Go Up or Go Down to navigate your snake character. Search for blocks that are the same color as your snake to increase your score. As you’re playing, the snake will change colors so be prepared and do not hit any blocks that do not match the color of the snake at that time. Your score is dependent on the numbers each block contains. Click on the trophy icon to drop down the leaderboards and see how you’re doing against your other friends. Play again to rise up the leaderboards and beat your own personal best score. This online game may seem easy but you will see it can get difficult to navigate in between all the blocks as your snake changes colors. 


To play this action game, select either Go Up or Go Down depending on your preference. Click on the screen whenever you want your snake to go in the opposite direction. Your goal is to avoid any blocks that are a different color than your snake.

ZZZ Snake Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateMar 26, 2020

40826 plays


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