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Snakes and Circles is a free-avoider game. You are a snake made out of an infinite series of glowing orbs. Your only goal in life is to feast upon circles of light that are the same color as you, it sounds easy but as you slither through life you will encounter horizontal beams of light which will alter your very being. As you pass through the horizontal beams of light you will take on their color. In doing so this means that you will change colors and thus be forced to consume the glowing circles of that new color. You will have to change course mid-slither in order to survive for if you were to accidentally lose track of your own hue then you might eat the wrong color and die. Boom. Game over and no points. So, pay attention. Snakes and Circles is a fun and fast-paced game of avoiding, chasing, colors and fun. It is an endless racer-style game that only ends when you die and you only die when you screw up, so, don't screw up.


On a mobile device use your finger to tap and hold the screen in order to take control of the snake light. Move them across the screen and avoid the colors of light that do not match yours. On your desktop computer use your mouse to control the snake and avoid the differently colored circles.

Snakes and Circles Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateMar 11, 2021

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