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Snake Rush



Game Description

Snake Rush is a free mobile, avoider game. Get your pointing fingers ready and prepare to slither your way through level after level of obstacles. In this snakey fun game, you'll be forced to guide your snake-friend through a maze made up of dangerous shapes. If you were to guide the snake into one of these obstacles it would be certain death. Your job is to regulate the speed, direction, and overall velocity of the snake and make sure it never smashes or crashes into the walls all around it. If you are able to accomplish this feat you'll make it to the end of the level. Your score will be based on your speed and not your accuracy because even one mistake would mean certain doom for you and your snake. This is a fast and fun mobile game for people who appreciate free, fast, and fun mobile games. So, try it an tell a friend.


On desktop, top use the left mouse button on your mouse to take control of the snake. Move left or right to avoid the multi-colored obstacles. On mobile, you simply need to place your finger on the screen and guide the snake.

Snake Rush Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateJul 16, 2020

36962 plays


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