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Sticky Balls



Game Description

Sticky Balls is a  free clicker and match 3 game. The balls are here and it's either stick or be sticky in Sticky Balls, a fast-paced puzzle game. Multiple colored balls are falling and as they fall they automatically connect with other like-colored balls in the test tube of doom. your goal is to click on the largest groupings of the like-colored balls in order to make them disappear and gain points. More balls are going to fall and if too many fall then they'll fill the test tube and end the level. Click strategically if you want the balls to disappear in a specific order and thus reveal even more balls. The game is designed to make you click fast and click often as you try to combine balls and make everything disappear for the ultimate optimization of your points. You'll love Sticky Balls, a game that people love to play and play to win. If you like matching, distractions, and balls then you will absolutely love playing this free puzzle game.


On your desktop computer or mobile device use the mouse to point and click or your finger to point and tap. Try to target a color of balls that is well connected and work your way through the falling balls.

Sticky Balls Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateAug 19, 2021

33783 plays


over 2 years ago

Heard about your site from a streamer that I follow. I am totally hooked on Sticky Bubbles. Was checking out some of the car games for my grandson. He is loving the car games and we have been playing the car race ones together. GOOD JOB