Robot Invasion



Game Description

Robot Invasion is a free clicker game. The robot invasion is here, the robot invasion has started. There is still no word on whether the robots were created by us and then eventually reached sentience or if these are some kind of alien robots from out-space. Of course, if these were alien robots then one would think that you'd just say aliens because once you're dealing with something from space that isn't from Earth the alien aspect would seem more important than the types of machines they use. But never the less whatever these robots are or wherever they are from they are here now and they are angry. Seriously, really feisty little buggers. This is why it is up to Kimberly Positive to take on these vicious monsters. Using her patented stun-pod she can disable or destroy the bots as they zoom by. Help Kimberly take on the world in this ridiculous game of running, gunning, robots, lasers,explosions, and fun. Each level has a mini-boss and the game gets progressively harder as you go but it also gets progressively more fun so its a trade off that we believe is totally worth it.


On your desktop or mobile device please use use your fingers to tap or your mouse to point and click in order to target and destroy the flying drone-bots.

Robot Invasion Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateOct 7, 2021
DeveloperMarket JS

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over 2 years ago

hwat egsets me about this one is taht it shows me the true meaning of taser ownership withchic is that you scan tase (taze?_ oretgty much anything robot or no bot haha