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Game Description

Pivot Dot is a free mobile clicker game. Pivot Dot is the height of abstract, mobile, clicker based strategy games. In this simple, minimal game, all you have to do is click it and hit the black void. The problem is, that you're a spinning cell and your direction after being clicked will be entirely dependent on which direction you're facing when clicked, and even after you click you'll immediately change direction. So, this is a game of fast clicks that must be thought about in advance. You want to slowly navigate yourself towards the black dot and do so in small steps which require you to anticip[ate the direction of the spinning dot and stay on course as you click your way to victory. Pivot Dot is a minimal game, an addictive game, and a game that will require you to push yourself to your utmost limits as you make long term strategic decisions based on short term tactical actions.


On a mobile device you will use your finger to tap on the screen and force the. spinning dot to move further in the direction it is already facing. On your desktop computer, you will want to use your mouse to point and click on the spinning dot in much the same way.

Pivot Dot Gameplay

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Release DateSep 3, 2020

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over 3 years ago

its to hard to


over 3 years ago

i dont like the music