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Junk Jam



Game Description

Junk Jam is a free mobile puzzle game. We are here to help you save the world. We all know that it is a perilous time and it might feel like there is precious little you can do. Wrong. Don't fret: recycle. Junk Jam is a fast-paced mobile puzzle game where you take on the exciting and courageous job of a front line recycling plant worker. Use your wits to cycle through a variety of plastic trash, paper trash, and metal trash. Make sure each type of recyclable waste goes to the right section and do your part to save the world. Remember, you will be doing this sorting and organizing under the pressure of pressurized steel walls which are slowly closing in on you.  This is actually how recycling works in real life and was not a mechanic we threw in just for the game. AS you can imagine you'll have to work fast but also work accurately. You might feel rushed by the impending doom that the closing steel walls represent but do not let that screw up your accuracy as you sort the trash. This is an important job and your success or failure here will echo throughout history.


On desktop use your mouse to point and click and choose the various pieces of trash and send them to their proper place. If you are playing on mobile you simply swipe.

Junk Jam Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateApr 2, 2020

21376 plays


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