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Game Description

Futoshiki is a free puzzle game. Futoshiki is always a great time killer for those of you who want to exercise your brain on a daily basis. You have three different modes to choose from and each of them offers its own unique challenges and rewards. Don't be upset if you as a player can't keep up with the harder levels. Just jump into the easy stuff and grind your way up. This is a game that will truly test your mettle and thus you will need to prove yourself before you wreck yourself. Play the game of the day at whatever pace you like. If you just want to unwind and not think that much or if you really want to challenge yourself, then there are different modes for you to choose from. If you need more puzzles, then click on the date and choose one from a different date.  


On your desktop or mobile device please use your finger to point and click or your finger to tap d drag.

Futoshiki Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateJan 6, 2022

13772 plays


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