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Falling Blocks



Game Description

Falling Blocks is a free match-three game. In most match-three games you are flipping a series of jewels or gems in a grid and trying to line them all up in order to make them disappear. But Falling Blocks is a different kind of game, in Falling Blocks you'll be tasked with the responsibility of lining up three blocks of a certain color in a row in order to make them disappear. Instead of flipping jewels, you will be positioning a series of falling blocks. The colored blocks simply fall from the sky, and oh boy do they fall fast. Your job is to click quick and click right in order to guide them into the pile or vertical line of your choice. The more you clear up the more space you have for incoming blocks and the better your score could be. If you screw up and don't position the blocks in such a way that they will zero each other out then you will wind up in a situation where the blocks keep building and building until they eventually reach the top of the screen and you have lost. Falling blocks is a game of quick wits and careful clicks. Try it now, for free, forever.


Click on the platform where you want the block to go. You are trying to line up like-colored blocks in groups of three in order to clear them out and make room for more blocks.

Falling Blocks Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateMar 11, 2021

23355 plays


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