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Game Description

Dungeon sweep is a free mobile game. Welcome to the dungeon, hope you survive your stay. Load up on swords and bring your friends, this game is a party that never ends. Dungeon Sweep is a dungeon dive-style game where you go down into the depths of a dark dungeon and search room by room and corridor by corridor until you find treasure, keys, encounters, power-ups, and eventually a way out. Use long term strategy and short term tactics to wiggle your way through this dungeon, stay alive, slay the dragon, and save the girl. Dungeon Sweep is a fun game where you will take on level after level of puzzling, mysterious dungeons filled with creepy crawlers. Your job is to hack and slash your way through the legions of villains and prevail on the other side of the game. Can you do it? Maybe. But it will take time and it will take skill, so, get ready to grind your way to the exit in this deliberately fun and over the top dungeon puzzle: Dungeon Sweep.


If you are playing on a desktop computer you will interact with the game by using your mouse and pressing the left mouse button to move and search. If you are playing on a mobile device you must tap the screen in order to move an search.

Dungeon Sweep Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateJul 23, 2020
DeveloperTrue Valhalla

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Mr. Blue Boii

almost 3 years ago

i mean, it's okey., but ... i get bored easily.