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Dungeon Run



Game Description

Dungeon Run is a casual runner game where you’re a wizard running through a dangerous and dark dungeon. It’s unclear how the wizard ended up in this predicament. Maybe he is being punished or maybe he just lost his way through the castle. Either way, the dungeon is booby-trapped with barrels and swords that you absolutely can’t run into. While other runner games are fast with tons of action, Dungeon Run is more on the casual side. This is a cute and funny game where your character awkwardly hops along as he runs back and forth through a dungeon. Your goal is to run through this online game as long as you can. Collect as many shields to unlock cool character skins like the mighty archer or the courageous warrior. Play over and over again as you try to beat your highest score in this adventurous runner game.


To play this action game, user your mouse or finger to tap the screen to jump. Hold to jump higher if you need to avoid bigger obstacles. Hit an obstacle, which can be a barrel or hanging sword, and you lose that session. From the menu, you can select your sound options or go to the market.

Dungeon Run Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateApr 13, 2019
DeveloperCloud Games

30915 plays


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