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Dot Turn



Game Description

Dot Turn is a tactical idle game. In Dot Turn, you'll only ever have to make one choice, but, you'll have to make that choice repeatedly and with less time to think as the game goes on. In Dot Click, you simply click the screen once to turn right, once again to go down, against to turn right and one more time to go back up. You need to make these clicks as fast as possible in order to maneuver around the screen and pick up the glowing balls as they populate the screen. It might sound easy but it isn't: because you'll have to make this choice while avoiding multiple obstacles. 

Dot Click is a game that requires precision and planning. You will often have to think four moves in advance and plan those moves in an instant. Keep an eye on the speed and angle of the incoming obstacles as well as the position of your intended target. Then navigate your Dot by carefully tapping the screen to turn. If you're fast enough and strategic enough, you'll be able to capture more items than your opponents and thus rocket your way up the leader board. If you're not fast or precise you'll be destroyed and history will show no record of your accomplishments or failures one way or another. 


Use your mouse or finger to click on the screen and activate the auto turn function of the Dot. The Dot will always turn right, then go down, then left and then Up. Memorize this pattern in order to optimize your movements.

Dot Turn Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateDec 5, 2019

20863 plays


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