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Counting Sheep



Game Description

Counting Sheep is a fun and free physics game. Remember: never wake a sleepwalker. When someone is a dream world it is dangerous for everyone involved to try and shake them out of it. That is why in this Game, Counting Sheep, you will gently tug an pull on the cutest sheep around in order to pull them to their bed. Some sheep get tired all over the world and they need to be slightly nudged in order to get them back to their beds. It is your job to point, click, and drag these adorable little 8-bit sheep back to their rightful sleeping place: a cloud. The atmosphere is rough and the gravity can be hard to understand. Don't pull to fast or too far at once or you might smash it into a cloud wall. In this game, the cloud walls are made of marble but are sculpted to look like clouds. This causes a lot of confusion, especially for new people. There are only eleven levels in this game and it each gets harder and harder the farther you go.


Use your mouse to click on and drag the shep from where they are at the beginning of the level to the bone-colored cloud on the other side of the level. You will be scored by whether or not you can make it to the end without dying.

Counting Sheep Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateApr 11, 2020
DeveloperSheep Studios

12983 plays


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