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Color Frenzy



Game Description

Color Frenzy is a colorful clicker game where speed is key! This is a clicker game with various bold colors that you can play from your phone or computer. The concept is simple: click on the blocks that match the color of the bottom bar as fast as you can. The faster you go the more time you will have to increase your score. If you go too slowly, you will run out of time quicker and have a low score. Watch the clock in the upper left-hand corner to make sure you do not run out of time. Each session switches to different colored blocks and backgrounds. You will have to think and react quickly to match the block to the bottom bar. Play again to beat your score and watch as you begin to rise up the leaderboards. Challenge your friends or challenge yourself to get the best score. How fast can you go in this color-based clicker game?


To play this clicker game, click on all the blocks that match the color of the bottom bar as quickly as you can. There is no penalty for clicking on the wrong block other than running out of time.

Color Frenzy Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateJun 25, 2020
DeveloperTrue Valhalla

23749 plays


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