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Chubby Birds



Game Description

Chubby Birds is a viral video game sensation. Do you remember when a certain bird flapping its wings in order to avoid all too familiar pipes was all the rage, well so does everyone. Clicky games like Chubby Bird have long been a staple of online gaming, often becoming huge successes and going viral based entirely on their own merit. Chubby Bird is no different, except for the fact that its better. In Chubby Bird, you'll pilot a fat but athletic bird as it tries to make its way through a jungle of pipes. Green pipes, yellow, pipes, orange pipes. They are all here and they are all in the way. Chubby Bird is determined to fly his way through the maze and survive for as long as possible. It is up to you to regulate when they dip and when they glide. This is a game of deep concentration and high frustration. You will fail at first and you will fail a lot. But, ultimately, with practice, with experience, and with skill. You will be able to overcome gravity and defy the odds. You will be able to predict your clicks and fly your Chubby Bird to victory. This is a clicky side-scrolling adventure that is made for everyone. Easy to play, hard to master, frustrating at first but always fun: This is Chubby Bird.


Use your mouse to click on the Chubby Bird when you believe it is time for the bird to dip, bounce, and glide. In order to avoid the jungle of pipes, you'll have to time your Chubby Birds movements with but a click of your mouse.

Chubby Birds Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateAug 1, 2019

19053 plays


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