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Bounce Dot



Game Description

Bounce Dot is an adventurous puzzle game where your goal is to guide a dot through a crumbling background. It’s a tough world out there for dots, and this one just happened to wondered into the wrong place. The ground is crumbling and there are dangerous obstacles everywhere. Your job is to help guide this dot out of its difficult situation. Hit the screen to bounce down your dot and get away as far as you can in this simple endless runner game. You don’t need a tutorial for this online game, just hit play, and start playing right away for instant fun. To gain points, look out for white stars that you need to aim for when bouncing down. Don’t fall for any traps while aiming for them, and be aware of your surroundings for any dangerous obstacles.


To play this puzzle game, use your mouse or finger to click on the screen whenever you want to drop down your dot. Otherwise, your dot will bounce up into the air and float out of the screen causing you to lose. On top of avoiding your dot from escaping, you must not hit a spike or let your dot fall off the crumbling road. Click on the trophy from the main menu to drop down the leaderboards and see how well you’re doing against other players on AddictingGames.

Bounce Dot Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateNov 14, 2019

23736 plays


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