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100 Little Monsters



Game Description

There are monsters everywhere! Tiny, yellow-faced little emotion filled monsters who need your help and guidance to get out of their glass cages of emotion! The world is a scary place and without your help, these 100 monsters might not make it! Please take care and use caution when dealing with monsters. Each one is a bit of a terror on its own, but as a group, they become downright scary. You'll need to pay attention to the speed of your beakers and the downward momentum of the monsters as they fall. Co-ordinate the differently colored vials and make sure to keep your numbers balanced as you spill and refill these emoji monsters towards victory.


Please keep a careful eye on the pattern and timing of the circulating beakers. You will have to time the opening and closing of the porthole perfectly with the passing of your beakers if you want to capture all the monsters as they fall into the void below. Use the left mouse button to open the porthole and let the emoji monsters fall but also use it to empty them at the top of the screen. This game is all about patience, timing, and practice. You will have to use your sense of perspective and timing if you wish to succeed and get the appropriate score.

100 Little Monsters Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateJun 15, 2018
DeveloperCloud Games

46599 plays


almost 5 years ago

wth r u saying this game is awesome! but it gets boring fast!!!!!


over 5 years ago

Gets boring fast. Quit at level 20 with 4008.


about 6 years ago

its fun for a while but then it just gets boring and btw my high score is 649