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Tri-Peaks Daily is a daily card game that will help you start your day! Daily games are great to get your day started or to unwind and the end of a tough one. These online games can help train your mind while providing a relaxing time for you. While this isn’t a stressful game, it doesn’t mean you can’t compete. Complete the game in the shortest amount possible to view your score on the leaderboard. There’s nothing too complicated about this kind of card game. You just click on a card one higher or lower than the one hand. Depending on how your day is going, you can choose from Easy, Medium, and Hard. So join the fun with this casual online card game.


To play this card game, click on a card one higher or lower than the one on hand. If there’s none, click on the deck to get a new card. Your objective is to use up all the cards from the board without getting stuck with no more cards from the deck. When there are no moves left, the game will notify you. At the bottom, you’ll see a timer, and there’s setting’s tog for your sound options on the right side. At the end of the game, your score is automatically submitted. At the beginning of each game, you can view the scores to see which one you have to beat.

Tri-Peaks Daily Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateOct 24, 2019

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