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Lightning Solitaire



Game Description

Lightning Solitaire is a free solitaire game.  Welcome to the electrically charged and cosmically powered game of solitaire played out with playing cards. Energy is a complicated thing and it always has been but this game is pretty easy. This is a solitaire style card sorting game where you'll need to find and sort the colored and numbered cards into the appropriate patterns and columns. And we all remember how much lightning loves columns! Once you are able to make the draw deck disappear you'll know that you have conquered the game completely and saved charged upon its tingly energies. This is a mission that a true citizen of the world will take on in order to restore honor to the deep blue sky and the people beneath it. You have the chance to be a hero, a warrior, a bolt of fun. Seize the day and play some cards in Lightning Solitairem a fun, free solitaire game.


Use your mouse to click on and sort the various piles of differently numbered and colored cards.

Lightning Solitaire Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateJan 21, 2021
DeveloperNeon Games

14069 plays


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