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Solitaire Tripeaks Harvest



Game Description

Solitaire Tripeaks Harvest is a free card game. Most solitaire games have some random theme pasted on, but not Solitaire Tripeaks Harvest. This version of Solitaire Tripeaks Harvest is old school and it doesn't pull any punches. This is a game that gets right to the point and just lets you have a little fun slowly organizing different sets of cars. Solitaire Tripeaks Harvest is a card sorting and organizing game where you will be sorting and organizing cards in numerical order, ordered by suit, and ordered by color. It is up to you to figure out how to do it and then hunker on down and make it happen. Did you know that after you shuffle a deck of 52 cards the chances of it being the same shuffle as another deck of the same cards are so astronomically small that it basically never happens? Isn't that crazy? We think it's crazy and we also think it's cool. That is why solitaire is cool. If you think solitaire is cool or even if you don't then we think you should play this game.


Click on the cards in play to have them disappear in chronological or reverse chronological order.

Solitaire Tripeaks Harvest Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateAug 25, 2022

4291 plays


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