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Ace of Hearts



Game Description

Ace of Hearts is a card game with a Valentine’s Day theme! The day of lovers and friendship is full of love and happiness. Pink, gold, hearts, and everything lovey-dovey is here! Play this solitaire game based on the day of love whether you’re in a relationship or happily single. There are 3 levels of this holiday game. Each game is timed so you must act quickly and solve the card game before you run out of time. Unlike other solitaire games, you must create one single foundation regardless of suit. Start from Ace to King, and then start it again until you have used up all the cards. This makes the game more challenging as you struggle to find the right cards. If you run out of time or your run out of cards, you lose the game and have to start over from level 1. Submit your score at the end of the game to see how well you did compare to other card players. 


To play this card game, move all the cards to a single foundation. Build up regardless of suit from Ace to King, and then Ace again. On the tableau, though, build down by suit. Groups can be moved regardless of sequence. Empty spaces can be filled by Kings. Click on the deck for a new set of cards to play.

Ace of Hearts Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateJan 28, 2021
DeveloperNeon Games

22638 plays


almost 2 years ago

Que? Como quiere que juega si solo se puede unir los corazones.


about 2 years ago

always fun


about 3 years ago

do not understand how to play it


over 3 years ago