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Neon Hearts



Game Description

Neon Hearts is a card game that you can play at home! Play against your digital opponents in this online version of the classic game of Hearts. Not even these computerized opponents can beat you in a card game of Hearts. Submit your score to see where you land on the High Scores list!


To play this card game, choose 3 cards to pass down. You will then receive 3 cards from an opponent. First, you pass your cards to the player on the left, then the player on the right, and then across the table. On the 4th turn, you do not pass. The objective is not to end up with any tricks containing hearts or the queen of spades. Ideally, you want to end up with the jack of diamonds. Each player after the lead must follow suit if he can. If he can't, he may play any card he wants. A player wins a trick when he plays the highest card of the suit that is led. A heart cannot be played until a heart has been by someone who didn’t have any other card. Each player receives a penalty point for each heart card they have. The player who ends up with the queen of spades gets 13 points. However, the player who ends up with the jack of diamonds gets to subtract 10 points from his score. The player with the least number of points when any player reaches 50 points wins.

Neon Hearts Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateApr 1, 2021
DeveloperNeon Games

30631 plays


over 1 year ago

I love this game. Even though I suck .


over 2 years ago

System does not subtract 10 points from your round score if you win the J Jack of Diamonds