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Pyramid Solitaire



Game Description

Pyramid Solitaire Daily is a solitaire card game. Thirteen is a magic number. You may not know it now. You may not believe it but if you play this game you will see it and you will understand: thirteen is the secret of the pyramid. In Pyramid Solitaire you will be tasked with scaling the walls of a 2-Dimensional pyramid, one card at a time. From humble beginnings, you can achieve great things, start at the bottom and you will make it to the top. Just trust in thirteen. In Pyramid Solitaire you need to make cards disappear one row at a time. You're able to discard these cards whenever you find two which add up to 13. Place the cards on top of each other and watch them float to the discard pile. Do this long enough and you'll eventually find yourself at the top with just one card left. There are three different skill levels to challenge yourself with and for an added obstacle, try to beat your own time.


Use your mouse to click on, select, and drag the appropriate card. When you think you have found the appropriate pair for it, drag them together and if they equal 13 then they will float to the discard pile.

Pyramid Solitaire Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateOct 3, 2019

49110 plays


over 2 years ago

love pyramid solitaire this is first time playing this version so it will take awhile but I'll get used to it and I always like games more the better my scores get


about 3 years ago

excellent game makes your brain work to solve the cards.