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Klondike Solitaire



Game Description

Klondike Solitaire is an online card game. You can play from your computer but the mobile-friendly format means you can also play from your phone. This is a classic online version of solitaire which follows the basic rules of solitaire. The game has basic cards that are set against the traditional green background. Create four foundations from the stacks of cards that you have been dealt. Click on the deck for extra cards to help you create the foundations and other combinations to turn over more cards. There are no scores or timers, just casual gameplay of solitaire. 


To play this solitaire game, build all the cards on the foundation pile. Each foundation can only have one suit and will go from Ace to King. You can move cards in rotating suits to other piles that are not part of the foundation. You have the option to undo all of your moves. If you do not have any moves left or you just want a new deck, you can restart for a new game. Aces and twos will automatically be placed on the foundations without intervention. However, cards from 3 and up need to physically be placed on the foundations

Klondike Solitaire Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateNov 16, 2019

62398 plays


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