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Jumping Spider



Game Description

Jumping Spider is a card game that you can play over and over again. This is the online version of your favorite card game that you can play by yourself! If you have never played spider solitaire, then it is very similar to solitaire. Place the cards in decks of ascending order until you have no more cards. As opposed to solitaire, though, when selecting the deck a card is placed in every row. You can place cards if they do not have matching suits as place holders, but they will not disappear in a full deck unless they are all the same suits. This makes the online game more challenging than your average solitaire game. Some games do not have a solution but you can always start over with a new deck. Submit your score to see if you reach the top of the list with your spider solitaire skills!


To play this card game, group all cards in a set of 13 cards in sequence from King to Ace. A complete group will be removed from the board. Group of cards already in sequence can be moved as a group. Click on the deck to deal more cards.

Jumping Spider Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateOct 1, 2020
DeveloperNeon Games

23099 plays


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