Golf Solitaire



Game Description

Golf Solitaire is a card game. The classic games of golf and solitaire collide in this one of a kind smash up of two of your favorite genre-bending games available. There is no denying the visceral thrill inherent in the game of golf. The precision, the patience, and the thrill of a swing and the sinking feeling of a hole in one. Now imagine crossing that with the rote procedure of set collection, organizing, shuffling and finally ridding yourself of all available cards. It sounds impossible but our scientists here at Addicting Games have been working double overtime and through the holidays in order to design something which just very well may blow your mind. It's a little bit of a card game and a little bit of a golf game. But it is mostly a card game.


Use your mouse to click on the various cards. Select them and move them around in order to shuffle and place them in the appropriate way.

Golf Solitaire Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateSep 26, 2019

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over 4 years ago

And I win easily 3 times in a row on hard.. "win" because the game won't say I've won even though I cleared the deck; and now I can't win on easy?!?


over 4 years ago

I've cleared the board multiple times and do not get a "win" prompt? What's going on?