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Tycoon games are games where you get to run your own business! 

Burger Tycoon

Pandemic 2

The Heist

Lemonade World

Hot Dog Bush

Feudalism 2


Governor of Poker

Mega Miner

Greyhound Tycoon

Treasure of Cutlass Reef

Airport Tycoon

Tower Bloxx

Racehorse Tycoon


Motorcycle Tycoon

Get Off My Lawn

Papa's Freezeria

Motorcycle Tycoon 2

Age of Castles

Corporation Inc.

Railway Valley

Shopping Street

Real Estate Tycoon

Treasure Seas Inc

Mortgage Meltdown

Papas Hot Doggeria

Last Indian Village

Duck Life

Rockin to Fame

Galactic Colonization

Gone to the Dogs

Windfall Tycoon

Record Shop Tycoon

Amusement Park

The Space Game

The New World


Cookie Tycoon

Dwarf Village

Mobster Roulette

Tricked-Out Trailer


Axis of Evil

UFO Noodle Shop

We Are Pirates

Imperial Man

Flower Shopkeeper 2

Serve or Die

Absolutist Black Jack

Ace Blackjack


Fix It Up 2

Zoes Sub Adventure

Hau Den Dax


Smash Car Clicker

Hell Hostel

Martians...From Mars!

Grand Prix Tycoon

Chocolate Shop

Tycoon Games are games that let you run your own business. There is nothing more exciting than simulating the real world risks and rewards of running your own business! Have you ever considered yourself a magnate in training? Do you htink you have what it takes to jump into an industry and run it from behind the scenes? Are you more of a small business person who wants to start with a single restraunt and then franchise yourself in to history? You can do it. You can do it all! With our massive, thriving selection of Tycoon Games you'll be able to live out your wildest fantasies as a boss, a manager, an owner,  a magnate, and finally a tycoon!  Onboard yourself into a classic game like Oligarchy where you use your money and status to control a government, or take on a game like Corporations Inc where the entire concept of running a business has been snthesized into miniature. If you're feeling like something a little more simple and a little more down to Earth you caan always try Real Estate Tycoon! The choice is yours to make and the fun is yours to have! Our Tycoon Games will make you feel like a million bucks!