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Flower Shop 2



Game Description

Flower Shop 2 is a tycoon game and matching game in one! You are a optimistic business person who is taking a chance and opening a flower shop. Each level is timed, with a customer goal, and money goal. Once you reach these goals, you must complete a matching game. The matching game will have its own goal to complete in order to pass the level. There are 10 levels of this online game for you to solve!


To play this time-management game, take the orders of the customers by clicking on them before they leave. Once you have taken the order, make the item by clicking on the flower in your machine. Once it has been created, click on the item, and then click on the customer who wants it. Collect the money by clicking on the coin. Keep track of your business transactions by viewing the stats across the top of the screen. To play the matching part of this game, look at the upper tabs to see what your goal is, and match as many of those flowers as possible within the time limit. Look for boosters that will help take out more rows or columns increasing your overall score.

Flower Shop 2 Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateFeb 4, 2021
DeveloperNeon Games

24026 plays


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