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Pizza Shop



Game Description

Pizza Shop is a girl game where you are a girl-in-charge who is running a pizza shop. This online game is a mix of tycoon, time-management, and matching! Play as the main character who is working hard to start their own business by opening a pizza shop. There are 14 levels for you to pass! After serving the customers and earning enough coins to advance to the next level, you must then shop for supplies.  Do this by playing a matching game where you must match together the ingredients you need. 


To play this girl game, click on the customer’s menu choice before the color fills up. If the color fills up, then you lose the customer. Look at the customer’s choice as it should have both the pizza shape and type of topping. Click on the shape. Once the shape is ready, go and select the topping. You must not click before each task is completed. You must serve the customer before their patience runs out. For the match-3 part of the game, look to the top to see which ingredient to match for. Match as much of these ingredients as you can to gather as much as you need.

Pizza Shop Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateAug 20, 2020
DeveloperNeon Games

48188 plays

popstar girl36

over 3 years ago

jeusus i hate this game