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Hard games are challenging games for hardcore gamers that don't like to take it easy. Play hard games to test your skills and prove that you're the ultimate gamer. From thought-provoking puzzles to action shooter games, there's every kind of game here for serious gamers.

Daily Code Words

Celtic Mahjong

Daily Calcudoku

Mahjong Titans

Daily Takuzu

Egypt Mahjong - Triple DimensionsOnline




Keyboard Breaker

Broken TV


Life In The Static

Starving Artist


Santa Gifts




Airport Management 3

Pick A Lock

Airport Management 2


Black And White Dimensions


Geometry Tower

Basketball Line

V8 Muscle Cars

Two Cars

Swing Triangle

Stop Drop

Stick Running

Starship Escape

Paper Dash

Ninja Boy


Hard Games


What are the most popular Hard Games?

  1. Mahjongg
  2. Empty Room Escape
  3. Pandemic 2
  4. Orbit
  5. Sniper Team 2
  6. Sniper Team
  7. Bermuda Escape
  8. The Worlds Hardest Game
  9. Escape From Detention
  10. Stunt Dirt Bike

What are the best Hard Games to play on phones?

  1. Stunt Dirt Bike
  2. Daily Calcudoku
  3. Celtic Mahjong
  4. Daily Code Words
  5. Draughts

What are Hard Games?

Hard games are more challenging and difficult games for serious gamers on AddictingGames. This may be a free browser site but that doesn’t mean we don’t have games that require skills, speed, and knowledge. This is why we have a large selection of hard games here at AddictingGames. They can’t be completed in a day, they have almost impossible goals, and they have complicated rules and controls. They can be frustrating games but once you beat them you’ll be left with a sense of satisfaction. Are you up for the challenge? You bet you are. We have childhood classics like Worlds Hardest Game 3 which is a silly and rage-inducing game. We also have plenty of escape games where you have to make use of seemingly useless objects like in Empty Room Escape. If you're interested in a brain teaser, we also have more thought-provoking games like Isoball 2. If you’re looking for something more active, we have violent, action-packed games like Sniper Team. If you’re looking for pure fighting or a difficult puzzle, this genre has got it all. 
Looking for something a bit more specific? Check out brain teasers and quizzes, fighting games, racing games, escape games, tower defense games, and word games all for free on AddictingGames.