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Warfare 1944



Game Description

Warfare 1944 is a free strategy war game based on the Battle of Normandy. Join the fight in this historic battle between Germany and Britain. Use your units wisely and control their every move--from advancing on the enemy or tossing a grenade. Choose from different units and soldiers who have different skills that may benefit you in different scenarios. Pay attention to what defenses your enemy has so you can figure out your best attack plan. Each unit and actions requires resource points during battle which you gain through kills. Use your XP to upgrade our training and equipment to better fight against the enemy in the next wave. With every battle won, you’ll unlock new units and advances. Be careful not to lose too many soldiers because that will bring down morale and result in surrender. This is a gritty and bloody war game that requires fast-thinking and strategy. 



To play Warfare 1944, use your mouse to select units of varying weapons. When you click on a unit, you can’t use it again right away. You need to give it time to recharge. Click on a unit and choose its actions like advancing or holding fire. Use your XP to upgrade your training and equipment.

Warfare 1944 Gameplay

Content RatingTeen Caution
Release DateAug 11, 2009

7810243 plays


12 months ago

Laggy and sound comes and goes. can be clicking on middle of units to deploy and game deploys other units. Sad Sad Sad what this site has been allowed to become. From top notch in 2000's to waste of time trying to play these old POS games.


over 3 years ago



over 3 years ago

you people wine alot


over 3 years ago

you mean 1917


over 3 years ago

wow is all I can say I love this game


over 3 years ago

wont load now but i liked it when it did load


over 3 years ago

when i see this game,i need to play it!


over 3 years ago

well try it


over 3 years ago

way better easy


over 3 years ago

watch ur mouth idiot