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Kingdom Rush



Game Description

Shunt! Oof! Zap! That’s the sound of invading enemies’ demise as they try to march past your carefully placed towers of archers, mages and more. Cunning strategists are rewarded with new abilities, plus bragging rights for saving the kingdom.


mouse. see in-game instructions

Kingdom Rush Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateSep 20, 2012
DeveloperIronhide Game Studio

6283652 plays


almost 5 years ago

Edit: The game works as of today, I suppose the game was down yesterday?Either way, I LOST MY SAVE, so that's annoying. Guess I'll just have to either try it again or find another that actually saves.


almost 5 years ago

I was pretty entertained and generally loved killing time with this game, but now I'm getting the dead puzzle piece rather than the game to load, so I can't play it. I may or may not have made an account SOLELY for this one game, so it's really disappointing that it isn't working.


over 5 years ago

you people make me sick


over 5 years ago

you dont save it. cuz it save auto. Duh


over 5 years ago

wtf? my save is GONE!


over 5 years ago

wow! best game ever and really hard


over 5 years ago

worlds best game and im not kiding


over 5 years ago

woo! fantasy-tastick

j and j717

over 5 years ago

whoever doesn't like it please tell me why


over 5 years ago

what this game is so fun and plus level 9 is easy