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Galactic Colonization



Game Description

Galactic Colonization is a free strategy game. Dominate planets by invading them! Send your battle fleets to compete with a vicious AI in a war for ultimate control!


mouse control

Galactic Colonization Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateDec 11, 2009
DeveloperKarbon Games

1226930 plays

over 4 years ago

get your ship upgrades before you move on. it becomes too easy after that. i wished the planet defenses worked.

over 4 years ago

i just figured out how to win! haha

over 4 years ago

this game would be cool if it was fair. round 4 is a joke.


over 5 years ago

why wont it let me playy/????????????


over 5 years ago

well at the beging its hard but than its cool


over 5 years ago

way too hard, can't even get past 1st level.


over 5 years ago

way to hard. soooooooooo dumb.

Addictid Mapler

over 5 years ago

way 2 damn hard


over 5 years ago

waaayyyyy to hard


over 5 years ago

waaaaaaaaaaaay to hard.