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Feudalism 2



Game Description

Feudalism 2 is a free fighter game. As they say, the world isn’t going to conquer itself. In Feudalism 2, that’s your job. In this strategy game with a helping of RPG fixings, select a character, bolster your army with a little gold, and then start conquering. Sounds simple, right? Maybe if the world was comprised of one weak village, and you were a superhero, but sadly, that’s not the case. You’ll need to start small, take over the smaller cities and towns, and then work your way up. Prove just how effective a little bit of feudalism can be.


When you first start out, your first objective—after completing the tutorial—is to head over to the market and buy as much stuff as you can, from units to equipment. Only then can you venture into enemy territory in an attempt to start conquering. The controls are quite simple, and the tutorial at the start of the game will give you a good introduction to how battles will play out. Take heed, though, your main character isn’t too powerful when you start out, so try not to get hit too many times.

Feudalism 2 Gameplay

Content RatingTeen+
Release DateNov 5, 2008

7550291 plays


over 2 years ago

It won't let me buy or sell the drag n' drop items. I can only buy horses... I love this game, but it's not working.


over 2 years ago

The Nostalgia dawg holy crud..


over 2 years ago

why wont it let me recruit soldires


over 5 years ago

you have my profile picture lol

Lingo Ringo

over 5 years ago

you arent sethbling


over 5 years ago



over 5 years ago

won the game 15 times.


over 5 years ago

why does every one lose THERE HEADS???


over 5 years ago

when will they make a number 3


over 5 years ago

wen will they make another