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Endless War Defense



Game Description

They may say that the greatest defense is a good offense, but sometimes, defense is all you have—endless defense. In this hybrid tower defense and strategy game, choose your faction (US, Germany, or Soviet Russia), and then ready your defenses. Each level will have you holding out against five waves of enemies. Once you hit the ready button, the level begins, and you get to see whether your defenses can cut it. Keep your eye on the health of your defenses, and repair them if needed, or if any are destroyed, build new ones quickly to avoid losing. With multiple game modes, and a campaign spanning plenty of missions, not checking out Endless War Defense would be… indefensible.


When you start your first mission, the in-game tutorial will give you a good rundown of what to do. In Choose your defenses, place their strategically, repair and upgrade them as needed, and then watch as the enemy advances and you—hopefully—make quick work of them. Repeat this for the five waves thrown at you, and then advance to the next one. You’ll unlock additional defensive units along the way, allowing you to create the best possible defense.

Endless War Defense Gameplay

Content RatingTeen+
Release DateAug 27, 2010

1140083 plays


about 5 years ago

cool war


over 5 years ago

ya gotsta luv it


over 5 years ago

woot first to comment


over 5 years ago

wood bee beta iv yeh incloodid va british az wel

Le707Warrior of YouTube

over 5 years ago

whoever hates this game your all idiots


over 5 years ago

whenever I click on a unit nothing happens


over 5 years ago

whats the money glitch


over 5 years ago

what the hell is wrong with the words?!


over 5 years ago

waay to boring


over 5 years ago

vollarus do you even know what a moonski is?????