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Domino Legend



Game Description

Domino Legend is a free Domino game. Hello and welcome to the crazy world of competitive dominoes. Strap in to learn how separate the numbers on the board into dominoes. What this game will insist of you is that you create pairs of 1x2 rectangles. Only one pair can appear on the board at a time. If you overlook an existing match and thusly make the same pair, the board game will highlight the new offending pair. There are many different difficulty levels for you to choose from depending on what you are in the mood for. You can take it easy, or maybe you want to go for a challenge or go for the most difficult version if you already consider yourself a pro-level player. Hunker down and play all the available levels to get your daily domino-style of addicting online puzzle games. And if after playing you have decided that you do indeed want more then don't worry we got more. We've got a whole section full.  As with all daily games, you will have the ability to play further or back in time, Different puzzles for different days. Play, score, win, record your victory on the leader board and become the ultimate Domino doer.


To play this puzzle game, tile the grid with dominoes so that every possible pair of numbers appears exactly once. Tap between numbers to create a barrier if you think a specific domino should not go there. Tap a domino to remove it. Dominoes will light up red if they are identical meaning you have to remove one pair.

Domino Legend Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateMar 17, 2022

21773 plays


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