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Cursed Treasure 2



Game Description

Cursed Treasure is a tower defense game. The curse doesn't work, you'll have to use lasers. Cursed treasure 2 is the smash sequel to the huge hit 'Cursed Treasure.' In this version of the game, you'll have more levels, more maps, new bad guys, a ton of awesome weapons, more upgrades, and a bunch of super-secret and super special bonuses you'll just have to play to discover. The treasure is still cursed and the baddies are still obsessed with it. Use your skills to place towers and upgrade them to finish off your enemies. Be strategic with the upgrades you choose and try to maximize your actions. Make every click count. The waves of enemies will just keep coming and coming, you need to hold them back and fight them off if you want to live to fight another day. Cursed Treasure is better than you remember it and revved up and ready to go, but are you?


Use your mouse to click on and through in-game menus. Select various items to buy and fight with as well as upgrade. Buy new towers, upgrade old towers. Optimize your attacks.

Cursed Treasure 2 Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateDec 12, 2019

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about 1 year ago

Turned on cookies to allow saving progress, but now my save games always hang while loading in forest levels. Unable to play beyond those levels :(


over 1 year ago

I'd love to play this game, but my browser crashes too often and there's no way to save progress :(


over 1 year ago

awesome game, but wish there were more levels or a second edition. I enjoyed playing it but won all the levels already. :)


almost 2 years ago

OK. for the review below - I do like the game, but didn't click 'I like it' - just saved. Added the like in automatically so here is a 'don't like' one to balance it out. Game may be great, and have lots of interesting features - but if you wipe computer cookies then you have to start from the beginning each time. :P


almost 2 years ago

Adding to the other comments - doesn't have online save. So if your computer cookies have gone, so have your hours of playing. :P


almost 2 years ago

Won't save your progress if you clear your Cache


about 2 years ago

is there a way to save your progress on this game?


about 2 years ago



about 2 years ago

Game is super fun, however need to have a way to save for F2P players.


over 2 years ago