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Colonial Wars



Game Description

Colonial Wars is a free strategy game. In this strategic battle of territorial control, your goal is to take over every other island on the level before your opponent can. It’s a simple concept, but it’s a bit trickier than it sounds. You’ll need to use your noggin to plan ahead and figure out the best strategy to capture islands while protecting the ones you own from enemy attacks. That one island you control will turn into two, and then three, and the before you know it, you’ll be barreling down on your opponent with a fleet so big that they’ll just give up right then and there—only they can’t, because they’re a computer, and computers always fight till the end.


Each island you control produces units—as shown by the number on it. All you have to do is click and drag from one island to another, and you’ll send a portion of your fleet to that island. If the number on the fleet is larger than the number on the island, you’ll capture it. If not, you’ll lose your fleet but reduce the number on the island. You can also click and drag on multiple islands to send the units from all of your territory at once. CTRL will cancel this selection. There are also upgrades to buy between each level to make your job a bit easier.

Colonial Wars Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateDec 11, 2012
DeveloperEugene Markeev

793514 plays


over 5 years ago

yea civilization wars


over 5 years ago

very awesome defently work on more.


over 5 years ago

thnx george171991


over 5 years ago

this game is the best game ever created


over 5 years ago

there is way too many games like this!!!


over 5 years ago

srry help on lvl 19 now!


over 5 years ago

sk08nick23 u are hatin


over 5 years ago

pretty fun and addictive


over 5 years ago

pretty boring but still averagly fun


over 5 years ago

no bueno par caca