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Bubble Tanks Tower Defense



Game Description

Build up a maze of the most fearsome tank-towers and take out all the enemies before they can get to the end in Bubble Tanks Tower Defense. While many tower defense games these days have begun to shy away from giving the player the liberty to create their very own maze—not this one. Bubble Tanks is all about the maze. Swirl it, zig zag it, or come up with some other zany solution, just as long as you take out all the enemies before you run out of lives.


There’s a lot of strategy that goes into tower defense games that allow you to create a maze, and this one is no different. You’ll want to start by creating a long enough path to keep the enemies busy until you’ve finished them all off. Focus all tower upgrades in and around choke points and curves to maximize your damage. The best mazes cause the enemies to take as long as possible to get from one side of the level to the other, so use that kind of thinking to your advantage to keep them as busy as possible. With enough forethought, and a solid enough maze, your bubble tanks will be bubble-awesome.

Bubble Tanks Tower Defense Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateFeb 3, 2010
DeveloperHero Interactive

1066521 plays


over 3 years ago

I must say i is a good game for people who like strategy and a hard game but to me it seems out of place with the rest of the tower deffence games but it is a good game for some people


over 5 years ago

yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah i just beat scramble level


over 5 years ago

yea its a really awesome game


over 5 years ago

wut does add me mean?


over 5 years ago

wow this my favorite tower game ever


over 5 years ago

woot , best tower defense !!!


over 5 years ago

woo hoo i finally beat it!

awsomesox gamer

over 5 years ago

wont load:(


over 5 years ago

woant load


over 5 years ago

why it not workie??