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Brain Surgery



Game Description

Brain Surgery is a free puzzle game. Real surgeons have to go to school for years and spend a lot of money to learn how to perform Brain Surgery, but in this puzzle game., you can do it from the comfort of your PC. So grab your virtual scalpel and tongs and get to work. That work, as it were, is following directions with various surgical tools to make sure your patient makes it through a successful surgery, but make too many mistakes, and it’s game over. Beat the game once, and you can unlock additional modes that will only up the difficulty more.


Use your mouse to perform various movements that mimic what a doctor would perform during surgery. There are plenty of instructions to keep you on tract, but once you finish the game a first time—it’s quite short—the training wheels come off, and it’s up to you to remember the correct procedures, or you’ll lose pretty quickly.

Brain Surgery Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateApr 14, 2014
DeveloperOperate Now

918033 plays

jennifer rose

over 5 years ago

yah I save the patient in no time


over 5 years ago

wow that was gruesome...but it was pretty cool.


over 5 years ago

very nice game!!!


over 5 years ago

up top owat


over 5 years ago

this was puke-tastic!!!


over 5 years ago



over 5 years ago

ok fun but nasty


over 5 years ago

not gross why not (^.^)


over 5 years ago

not as I thought it would be.


over 5 years ago

love this thing