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Battle Gear



Game Description

Battle Gear is a free strategy game. Whether its sticks and stones, flint axes and muskets, bows and arrows or aircraft carriers and fighter jets, the game remains the same: War, war never changes. It doesn't matter why you're fighting. It doesn't matter how, and in a lot of ways it doesn't really even matter who wins. It basically comes down to strategy, tactics, grit and willpower. Are you smarter than your opponenet? Are you stronger than your opponenet? Will you dominate them or be dominated? In Battle Gear you are a general in charge of a navy and an Air Force. You must buy battle ships, aircraft carriers, fighter jets, attack helicopters, gunboats and avariety of power ups for each in order to demolish your opponenet. Build, deploy and destroy with extreme predjudice in this fun and fast war sim that put you in the driver seat of an entire fleet and its associated squads. Will you micro manage, can you pivot your strategy on a dime? The choice is yours and so are the consequences! You'll have no one to blame but yourself in this fun, fast, realistic, and killer battle simulator!


Use your mouse to click on the various in-game menus and select different fighter jets, gunboats, battleships, bombers, and stealth jets and then deploy them in order to demolish your opponent.

Battle Gear Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateJan 28, 2009

4272611 plays


over 5 years ago

yeah it rules


over 5 years ago

yeah it aswome but it a very long time to load


over 5 years ago

wish there was a way to face other people online


over 5 years ago

will be cooler if online


over 5 years ago

wicked good game


over 5 years ago

why is everyone commenting so much? lol


over 5 years ago

who has Facebook account


over 5 years ago

waz upppppp[


over 5 years ago



over 5 years ago

very good game. love it