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Sniper Team 2



Game Description

Sniper Team 2 is the sequel to the classic Sniper Team game. Gather up your squad and defend the objective from the enemy in this first-person action game. Sniper Team 2 features a 10-mission campaign, spread across a few different maps and locations, and a separate Spec Ops game mode that unlocks after you’ve beaten the game. So no matter what you’re doing, you’re in for a sniping good time. Each mission puts you into the shoes of four different soldiers, each positioned in a different part of the map. You can cycle between them for the best vantage point on the enemies. In the later levels, you’ll be switching between them constantly.


Like most first-person games of this nature, you can aim with the mouse, and fire with the left mouse button. Zoom in with X or space, switch between your items with Q and switch between your squad with 1-4. You can also call in special abilities with E, and reload with R. You’ll earn money and level up as you play, and between missions, you can buy new items, or change up your squad. You’ll unlock new items and squad mates as you level. Also, keep an eye out for supply drops during missions to heal up your squad or gain artillery strikes.

Sniper Team 2 Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateFeb 7, 2014

14945445 plays


almost 4 years ago

it takes soooooo long to load. wth

sgt gene

over 4 years ago

sgt gene I have loading problems explorer does that,the game is awesome when explorer acts right I have a lot of fun ,the magnification is great,ok im off to play..


over 4 years ago

Takes forever to load, and then goes blank.


almost 5 years ago

it is so fun


almost 5 years ago

It's been tough, program seems tostutter now and again and some targets don't sow in the viewing field. Still fun to play


almost 5 years ago



almost 5 years ago



almost 5 years ago



almost 5 years ago

it wont let me play its all white screen


about 5 years ago

How do you save progress