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Sniper Assassin



Game Description

Sniper Assassin is an adventure shooter game where you get to play a hitman! In Sniper Assassin, your goal is to eliminate the targets that are given to you by your superiors. Read the mission briefing carefully to learn who you target is, and the pay close attention to the clues that are given you during the mission to narrow down who your target is. If you eliminate the wrong target, it’s game over! But if you're smart enough, fast enough, and just lucky enough you'll be able to neutralize all of the targets and cash a fat cheque! That's right, grind now and relax later in this exciting action game. The good life is there, it is waiting and it lies on the other side of a pile of bodies, stacked to the sky. All you gotta do is point your carbine, pull the trigger and never ask why. Just make sure you pick the right targets, pay attention to the levels and know for sure who the target is before you pull the trigger. One false move and one innocent person goes down and that is it. That is everything. It's china frickin' town. Be smart, be deadly, shoot fast and shoot accurately. This is one action game that you won't want to miss out on.


To play Sniper Assassin, use the mouse to aim, and the left mouse button to fire. Then follow the directions to find and eliminate the target. You'll have to use common sense and deduction to figure out who is friend, foe, innocent and marked for execution.

Sniper Assassin Gameplay

Content RatingTeen Caution
Release DateJun 13, 2008
DeveloperUltimate Flash Game Archive

15031672 plays


over 1 year ago

I really like these types of games.


over 1 year ago

It's okay. There are much better sniping games out there.


almost 2 years ago

My scope is blacked out, but I can see the surrounding areas. Not like the gameplay picture or how remember it years ago.


about 3 years ago

It's good but I click the play now button so many times.

jo123.. 456

over 4 years ago

it was great @ least 20 hits 5 missed

kadrean burrage

over 4 years ago

Nice storyline so far!

kadrean burrage

over 4 years ago

Pretty good storyline so far! I like it alot. Nice game.

yo yo yo yo this game rocks

over 5 years ago

yo awesome game :P


over 5 years ago

yeah i agree with madog it needs more lvls


over 5 years ago

wwwwwwwwway 2 short