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Ricochet Kills 4



Game Description

The bouncing bullets are back in the fourth installment of this puzzle game series. Just when you thought you were out—that the ricocheting was done, that you were finished, here they are, pulling you back in. In Ricochet Kills 4, your objective is to clear each level using as few shots as possible. At first, it seems easy enough, but soon, you’ll realize that you don’t even have line of sight of the target, or there are far more targets than you have rounds. This is where the puzzle aspects come in, and they arrive quickly. Before long, you’ll be using items in the environment to take out targets, or using targets to take out other targets. There are 40 levels, each with 1-3 stars to collect based on how well you complete them. Collect 90 stars, and you’ll unlocked 20 more bonus levels.


In Ricochet Kills, you’re locked into position, and you must use the mouse to aim, and the left mouse button to fire. From there, it’s just a matter of clearing out all the targets before you run out of rounds.

Ricochet Kills 4 Gameplay

Content RatingTeen+
Release DateAug 27, 2014
DeveloperCreated by MIkhail Bakanov. Sound and level design by Alexey Matov.

2911292 plays


almost 4 years ago

Great game. However, level 39 has a glitch that I can't get past. The box won't drop when you shoot the chain it's hanging from. It just remains floating in space. Very frustrating when you're so close to advancing to extra levels but can't get there. Perhaps that is a Flash issue?


over 5 years ago

you shut your scone hole its awsome


over 5 years ago

ya hard


over 5 years ago

wasup peeps


over 5 years ago

very easy won the game


over 5 years ago

very boring super repetetive

kate spad

over 5 years ago

to much lag :( and it was really stupid


over 5 years ago

this is great! :D


over 5 years ago

this game is ok!!!!


over 5 years ago

this game is amazing!!! but it's hard