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Endless War 3



Game Description

Endless War 3 is a free strategy game. Play as a soldier and defeat each campaign in this fighting game. This is an old-school war game in which you are tossed in the middle of a gruesome battle. Your allies might not make it but you still have to push through and get to the designated area. Before you start, you can select from different primary and secondary tools to help you win each campaign. You can hide behind ditches, walls, and even other players, while you sneak up to your goal line. You’ll find items that can help you along the way like health, shields, and extra items to help you on your task. As soon as you’re in view of your enemy, you must either fight back or hide as they’re set to take you out as soon as possible. You’re limited in shots, so don’t overuse them before you can get close to your safe area. If you perish, don’t sweat it. You can reload the game and try again. You have the option to toggle out your items and use your health to keep yourself alive in the game as long as possible.


Use your mouse to aim. To move around, use W, A, S, D keys. If you want to choose a different weapon, select 1, 2, 3, 4 keys. If you need command, select Q. Use space for alternate attack. If you want to start over, select R for reload. If you need to drop your gun, select G.

Endless War 3 Gameplay

Content RatingTeen Caution
Release DateJan 29, 2007

17023379 plays


over 5 years ago

you don't say Guiseppe?


over 5 years ago

yea buddy, ballin'


over 5 years ago

xcept dragonauv


over 5 years ago

wi nall lvls :P


over 5 years ago

why am i not a troll? i love this game


over 5 years ago

what now zombies?


over 5 years ago

what are the cheats?


over 5 years ago

way to addicting


over 5 years ago

way better than 4


over 5 years ago

wat kind of name is callofdutyninja