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Clear Vision II



Game Description

Clear Vision II is a free sniper-style game with stickman animation. You’re a hitman for hire and business is booming. Even your average joe can gather a load of cash to take out someone who is an inconvenience. From getting rid of their ex-wifes to wanting to get rid of a coworker, it doesn’t matter the reason as long as they pay you. It’s not all fun and games until you’re discovered and recruited by the government for your eagle eye skills. Will you change your ways and work for good? This is an adventure shooter game where you slowly find out more about the main character and how he came to this line of work. This shooter game has simplistic animation, easy controls, and an interesting story to follow. 


To lay Clear Vision II, first, read your email and accept jobs given to you by clients. Sometimes the email will provide a description of the target and will even display an image. Pay attention to the subtle details since stickman characters tend to look all alike. Use your mouse to aim at the target and left-click shoot. After each completed mission, go to the kitchen to read the newspaper which will likely be reporting your latest mission. If you fail a mission, you’ll get the option to “retry.”

Clear Vision II Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateNov 21, 2007
DeveloperDan Erhard Olsson

13114882 plays


over 2 years ago

fun and continues the story


over 4 years ago

UM, so they just going to deny me my satisfaction right at the end like that?


over 4 years ago

how do you complete opration blue storm

Celestial Cobalt

over 4 years ago

It's got a good lore, pretty much one of the best of the stick figure games I've seen

Bugs Bunny-MozB

over 4 years ago

Kinda Sad at the end...


over 4 years ago



almost 5 years ago

super good


almost 5 years ago

this is the best first person shoot yet


almost 5 years ago

I love this game, I felt so bad when that guy said, '' Your father screamed like a pig.''


over 5 years ago

your right 12345titus