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City Siege



Game Description

The city is in chaos! Terrorists have taken over and are infiltrating every city block. The police are outmatched and a full military strike would level more of the city than it would save, that is where you come in! You'll need to build a crack team of experts. Everything from snipers, to demolitions, to stealth fighters, hand to hand experts, and even just straight up infantry. Then upgrade their weapons and choose them for each individual mission. Your job is to get in, take out the bad guys and save the hostages. And you'll have to do it without causing any collateral damage. This is side-scrolling action puzzler that uses guns, physics, luck, and intuition to map out the missions and then storm the castles and save the day. It's a challenge and there is a high price to pay but if you are tough enough, smart enough, and willing to put the work in, you can do it.


Click the various troops to select them. Choose the troop with the most relevant experience and skills. Use the W,A,S,D or Arrow Pad to move the troops while they are on the screen. Use the mouse button to aim and the left mouse button to fire.

City Siege Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateSep 28, 2016
DeveloperThe Podge

66552 plays


over 5 years ago

more love


over 5 years ago

I want more levels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!