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Battalion Commander



Game Description

It's not the man in the fight, it's the fight that's in the man! Or in this case, the squad! You'll start off this game as one man lost on the battle field trying to shoot his way through waves of approaching enemies and as you continue you'll recruit snipes, soldiers, bombers, and heavy infantry! Build your squad and rush the opposing military with tactics honed through blood, sweat, and tears in the trenches of future conflicts. This is war, soldier, and you won't win by cowering behind a sandbag or laying low in a shallow trench. The only way to win is to get into V-formation and charge the enemy! Beware! While you and your growing squad of men are powerful you will eventually have to face down tanks, planes, and other kinds of war machines while you --yes you-- will be armed with nothing more than your handheld weapons. You can do it. It is possible. But it won't be easy.


Use your mouse to guide your squad leader through an endless, scrolling battlefield of enemy combatants. Pick up allied soldiers by navigating over top of them and fire your weapons with the left mouse button.

Battalion Commander Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateAug 30, 2016

898222 plays


over 5 years ago

theres ad lag


over 5 years ago

like most games here....too many glitches


over 5 years ago

its good, and soooooooo addicting!


over 5 years ago

it is fun but it gliches way to much


over 5 years ago

good game I like it a lot


over 5 years ago



over 5 years ago

awesome game 9 out of 10


over 5 years ago

again awesome game 10 out of 10


over 5 years ago

a god game


over 5 years ago

This is so addicting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!