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Artillery Tower



Game Description

Tanks to the left of you, choppers to the right and you're stuck in the middle with a 50 caliber. But those clowns must be joking if they think they're going to topple your tower. After all you might not be the best shot, you might not have the biggest weapons, and you might be the only one to stand against their armies: but you got heart and a rocket launcher. While the huddled masses of stick men scurry and swarm the base of your tower, you stand high above them content in the knowledge that the cause they fight for is irrelevant, their will is weak, they live for the horde and will die in vain. You stand alone inside a concrete tower that you can grind your way up into a turbocharged artillery battery with laser sights, rocket launchers, fully automatic weapons and sharp, sharp teeth. Stand tall against wave after wave of insufferable stick minions. Let fate guide your reticule and your ammo will always find its target. There is nothing more noble than living, fighting, and dying alone for something you believe in. These jerks may take your stick life but they'll never take your stick freedom.


Use your mouse to aim your various weapons and then fire them with a click of the right mouse button. Use the spacebar to reload. Please press Z for airstrike. Use the 1-7 keys to swap between weapons

Artillery Tower Gameplay

Content RatingTeen Caution
Release DateJul 22, 2010
DeveloperStick Page

206303 plays

younes belhit

about 5 years ago

the addicts to the game here is a beautiful games


over 5 years ago

when it keep reloading u press space agian

over 5 years ago

this is just like storm the house3


over 5 years ago

this game is B.A.


over 5 years ago

the game is asome


over 5 years ago

the best game my score was 455664


over 5 years ago

sorry but BORRRING


over 5 years ago

so fun its the best ever


over 5 years ago

ok... get's boring after a while


over 5 years ago